Wildlife Hazard Management


Throughout aviation history bird strikes and impact with other wildlife have resulted in passenger injuries, loss of lives, loss of aircraft, and billions of dollars in damages and insurance payouts due to failed wildlife hazard management programs.


The safety of our Aviation Community depends on the development and use of comprehensive wildlife hazard management programs in order to address these potential hazards to mitigate and/or eliminate these hazards due to poor airfield management, unknown environmental factors, and/or misunderstood migratory patterns.


Our Wildlife Hazard Management Solutions help Airport Managers develop and implement local policies and guidance based on the FAA's comprehensive wildlife hazard management programs. These efforts help them understand and combat these issues through real-time data collection and analysis, environmental research, and program outreach in order to stay ahead of these issues.


Utilizing our configurable and customizable mobile and operations center solutions, airfield staff can collect and view real-time precision data regarding potential wildlife hazards on or around airports. 


By incorporating this local data with wildlife migratory data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Airfield Managers can better understand the specific kinds of wildlife hazards which exist or transition through their airports and airspace throughout each year.

Our Wildlife Hazard Management Solutions can provide the foundation for the development of real-time Airport Safety Operation Centers or be incorporated in existing operations centers to extend their visibility and awareness into potential life-threatening wildlife hazards.


As an Airfield Manager, the responsibility for the inspection and management of potential wildlife hazards at your airport rests on your shoulders.


A safe and secure airfield ensures that all takeoffs and landings can proceed without incident and pilots and air travelers can be comforted knowing that your runways and approach and departure airspace are free from potential life-threatening wildlife hazards.


Our Wildlife Hazard Management Solutions ensure safe and secure continuous operations while enhancing the FAA's Wildlife Hazard Mitigation Programs.